Vernal Pool Pursuit

APRIL 23, 2016
9 am to 3 pm
Meet at the Epping Fire Station
37 Pleasant Street

Join Southeast Land Trust of NH (SELT) and The Stewardship Network: New England for an exciting one-day training in vernal pool ecology and documentation. Vernal pools are small, temporary woodland ponds that serve both as critical breeding habitat for frogs and salamanders, and as important feeding grounds for many reptiles, birds, and mammals.

We’ll cover the basics of vernal pools indoors from 9-11am, before heading in the field to document potential vernal pools on the Harvey Forest – an Epping property SELT is currently working to conserve.

Vernal Pool Pursuit – Informational Flyer (PDF)


One thought on “Vernal Pool Pursuit”

  1. I was able to attend this event and it was amazing.

    As the 7th grade biology teacher in Epping and having completed all of my education at UNH, I was excited to participate and even more excited to share this information with my students.

    I thank the commission for all the work you do to protect the habitats in Epping and spreading awareness about our very special vernal pools.

    “Miss M.”

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